New Year's Day

01 January 2004 | Faith & Society

Great Britain has only celebrated New Year’s Day on 1 January since 1752 (26 years after the present St Martin-in-the-Fields Church was completed). With or without a sore head, it is pre-eminently a day for looking forward.



Tomorrow, God, as we rise together

As we eat together

As we meet other people

As we tire together

As we collapse together

You who made this house of my being and share it with me

You will still stand at the door and knock.


All day long

Let me open and re-open the door of my house

Making a reply which needs no words.

So may all our tomorrows gradually become one unbroken prayer

In which our silences and our words are equally aflame

With the intimate communication of lovers.


In Jesus’ name we ask.

Just a second