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09 September 2021 | Management Faith & Society
The state of public leadership in the UK today
07 July 2021 | Management Faith & Society
The glass ceiling game
01 July 2021 | Management Faith & Society
Why do we dream about a world without politics?
03 June 2021 | Management Faith & Society
Only ethical leaders can study power safely
17 May 2021 | Management Faith & Society
Whitehall cut adrift from its constitutional moorings


Douglas Board is a leadership and career coach and a senior visiting fellow at Cass Business School, City University of London. He grew up in Hong Kong and worked for the UK Treasury and then as a headhunter.

This website shows you more than one hundred of Douglas’s writings free. They range from short stories to pieces on current affairs or management, to religious reflections. Why not try the first inspector Cosadici mystery or Concussion and contempt in Lake Garda: Brexit revisited—two very different takes on one of his favourite places to write?

Douglas is also the author of two applied research books—Choosing Leaders and Choosing to Lead: Science, Politics and Intuition in Executive Selection (Gower 2012) and (with Robert Warwick) The Social Development of Leadership and Knowledge: A Reflexive Inquiry into Research and Practice (Palgrave Macmillan 2013).

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