Audio & video highlights

Listen to Douglas read or talk about his work. These examples range from a 30 second trailer to a 20 minute interview.


Hear Douglas read three samples of ‘Elites’.

Why isn’t ‘HR’, the people or ‘human resources’ function in organisations, leading the reinvention of business? In this talk for ‘Inspiring Workplaces’, Douglas describes how HR could become a force for good in boardrooms in his lifetime.


Trump isn’t gone yet. Douglas introduces his 1 hour short story ‘The Rats’.

Would you like to know more about 'The Rats'? Click here to get the 1 hour short story for free on audio or pdf download.

Samuel Graydon of the Times Literary Supplement talks to Douglas about ‘Time of Lies’.

Janice Forsyth of BBC Radio Scotland interviews Douglas about ‘Time of Lies’.

Felicity Wood of The Bookseller interviews Douglas about ‘MBA’.

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