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03 May 2021
What if we had a lot more good leaders than we realised?
22 April 2021
The human purpose of business
21 April 2021
HR data: the answer to the wrong question?
09 April 2021
Where you work, do ordinary lives matter? - a George Floyd legacy question
06 April 2021
Elites: podcasts with Christina Patterson and Vikas Shah MBE
26 March 2021
Work Interrupted: podcast with Christina Patterson
22 March 2021
Elites: can you rise to the top without losing your soul?
30 September 2020
Surviving transformational change
12 May 2020
From meritocracy to murder mystery
21 March 2020
Dear Terrible Manager -- Yours sincerely, The Human Race
24 February 2020
What does 'career' mean?
27 July 2018
The beauty of a half moon
03 July 2018
The leadership skill of Donald J Trump
15 June 2018
If it's not about the money, money, money, then what is work for?
24 April 2018
The C-suite: what people don't say
05 February 2018
Empathy and mindfulness: can you have too much?
30 August 2017
Candles in the wind: leadership, values and feelings
01 June 2017
Goldilocks and the magic of business schools
18 March 2017
Sports Direct - giving the workers' rep a chance
05 March 2017
Bourdieu's habitus and field: implications for the practice and theory of critical action learning
26 January 2017
Conversations about work, careers and vocations: my part in my neighbour's flourishing
23 January 2017
Are you smarter than Harvard?
18 February 2016
If business schools were a car, would they be a Volkswagen diesel?
11 November 2015
Managerialism, laughter and heaven
07 September 2015
Time to blow up H(B)R?
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