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02 December 2022
An opportunity for Church of England bishops
24 November 2022
Why cannot undergraduates go to university to study power?
12 September 2022
From the garden of Eden to the 2040s: understanding power safely
11 August 2022
Understanding power safely - a secular perspective
24 July 2022
Hasta la vista, Boris
11 January 2022
Two questions for Sue Gray, and one for us
12 November 2021
British elites need more empathy. Its not rocket science
11 November 2021
Turning back the tide of sleaze: making a new Crimean moment
09 September 2021
The state of public leadership in the UK today
07 July 2021
The glass ceiling game
01 July 2021
Why do we dream about a world without politics?
03 June 2021
Only ethical leaders can study power safely
17 May 2021
Whitehall cut adrift from its constitutional moorings
22 April 2021
The human purpose of business
09 April 2021
Where you work, do ordinary lives matter? - a George Floyd legacy question
06 April 2021
Elites: podcasts with Christina Patterson and Vikas Shah MBE
26 March 2021
Work Interrupted: podcast with Christina Patterson
22 March 2021
Elites: can you rise to the top without losing your soul?
04 February 2021
Why I look forward to the UK becoming 100 per cent BAME
24 May 2020
Children of The Fall
12 May 2020
From meritocracy to murder mystery
08 March 2020
Dom the magic dragon
24 February 2020
What does 'career' mean?
06 November 2019
Boris Johnson Esquire
22 July 2019
Partnering with God: an interview with Bishop Michael Curry and Dean Xolani Dlwati
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